Capitol Carpets

Flooring Accessories and Preparation

Selecting the appropriate accessories for your new flooring installation is just as important as selecting your new flooring. Preparation and accessories ensure comfort, insulation, durability and desired finish to any area.


We stock most products at our Croydon Showroom and any products not available for same day collection can be available within a couple of days. Please note our Battersea Showroom holds a more limited stock selection.


Underlay and Paper Felt

Carpet Underlay 9mm qa flooring power walk silver

Gripper Rods and Easy Shimms

Gripper rods

Door Bars, Stair Rods and Scotia


Hardboard and Plyboard

Plyboard hardboard

Primers, Adhesives and Screeds

F44 Adhesive

Nosings and Transition Strips